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Analysis and measurement of advanced performance, accessible to all

OPEE provides a framework for the formulation of action proposals by and for companies and has created a tool for this purpose SBAT (Small Business Assessment Tool).

SBAT is a tool designed for micro-firms and SMEs. It aims not only to evaluate but also compare their activity with those of their competitors. SBAT operates on the basis of qualitative and declarative information provided online by entrepreneurs and processed using deep learning techniques that allow to carry out diagnoses without bias on the ideal company profile. SBAT can also be used by local communities, governments and international organizations, as a tool for analyzing public policies to support entrepreneurship.

SBAT aims at :

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a company,
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in making the best decisions through exploiting their business,
  • Developing entrepreneurship within territories,
  • Assisting governments to carry out the best entrepreneurship policies.

SBAT is completely confidential, secure, user-friendly and has no commercial purpose. The questionnaire is mutually beneficial:

  • Entrepreneurs receive direct assistance to develop their business in the best possible way,
  • In doing so, they participate in a data collection operation that will have a significant impact on academic research aimed at improving and developing business and entrepreneurship support policies.